Frank, expat, the Hague

I have always been somewhat skeptical about the impact, coaching could have on improving my life and myself. I did not feel, that coaching could bring life-changing added value, which I should actually be able to get done on my own.

But during the most profound crisis of my life I had a gut feeling, that if any, I would give it a shot with Julie to coach me back into the light and towards the bright side of life, even though I had only met her once briefly in the past.

It turned out to be one of the most crucial life-improving decisions of my life. Thank you so much Julie. You have an incredible natural sense to find well hidden root causes to very personal problems, address them bluntly and wisely and eliminate them in a healthy and sustainable way.

Life is excellent again. Thanks to your passion and talent for coaching.

Frank, Expat, The Hague.

Frank, expat the Hague


Frank, expat the Hague