Starting with WHY: Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle

The Golden Circle: this is what it is all about! Part 1

I have just read with utter fascination Simon Sinek’s book: “Start with why” and it makes so much sense!!! To EVERYTHING!
And ties in wonderfully to what I have always thought: that purpose and passion are what gets us out of bed in the morning and now I see there is clear science behind it.
Seeing we digest better in nuggets I shall write a few blogs on this:
– the Golden Circle (this blog)
– the biology behind it and how it applies to buying/selling
– The Golden Circle and Leadership

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Enjoying the moment

It is so easy to get caught up in the flurry of daily activity and duties, both private and professional and race through life with a to-do list or three firmly in hand, planning and planning, not pausing to enjoy the fruit of the planning! I am one of those people, priding myself in my exceptional organisational skills but forgetting to live in the moment.

Life in the fast track: why not, but we really need to stop and enjoy the view!

And that is what I am doing today! Basking in the glorious sun and fully enjoying my family!

What about you?

Are you communicating what you really mean?

One fact which really surprised me during my coaching studies was that communication is made up of 55% of body language, 38% of word tonality and actually only an itsy witsy 7% of actual words! That is amazing! What our bodies are then saying is closer to what we really mean than the words we choose or just let gushing out.

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What you resist, persists….

I can’t claim to having coined that sentence, but Carl Jung can and it is worth taking some time to realise the implications…

We are what we think of most of the time so if we are telling ourselves “Whatever I do, I do not want to be like…” or “Don’t smoke, I must stop smoking” or “Right I am on a diet now so no chocolates for me, I will fight the hunger pangs, I hope I dont get too bad hunger pangs and loose control, gosh was that a hunger pang?”…etc Silly examples maybe but I am sure you can replace them with some of your own.

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