How to eat an elephant

Ever had those passages in life when everything just seems too much? One moment life was slow and you were eager for something to get all excited about.The next thing you know, you are spinning out of control, with lists dancing in your head at night, waking up with a racing heart persuaded you have missed something important, suddenly snapping at everyone and wanting nothing more than to to get into bed and pull the covers over your head? I seem to do quite a bit of that and I guess the correct term is …OVERWHELM.

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Putting first things first….

Well I had first hand experience of that these last 2 weeks…and all things considered didn’t come out of it too bad!

So what does it mean? It sounds pretty straightforward but isn’t always as obvious as it sounds.The concept introduced in Stephen Covey’s excellent book: “The 7 habits of Highly Efficient People” covers the time management matrix between urgent, non-urgent; important and non-important activities and is of essential importance to a balanced and purposeful life.

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How would you live differently if you had been trapped down a mine shaft?

Watching the moving images of the rescued Chilean miners I was thinking how different their view of life will be. Probably along the lines of making the most of it, not letting the little things get in the way, telling those they love how much they mean to them and acting that way too!

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